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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 27, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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bill: puerto rico recovering from devastation of hurricane maria. >> food and water is a priority. bill: thousands of federal government employees on their way, 4,000 members of u.s. army and others down there. to help. that and hillary mania. that is right, hillary in town, street closures and the works. you would think a rock star was coming to town, wait until you
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hear what she said about president trump and hurricane maria, not quite down with us yet, wait until you see what see is doing at the shore, that, local weather and headlines coming up, i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. people struggling to get enough food and water. fema response has been aggressive, army corp of engineer, cove guard, u.s. army contributing to try to get power back on, get people food and water they need. ashley johnson. with the local response from our area. reporter: residentses in rowes e parts puerto rico are stranded. at least 10 people died in puerto rico but of hurricane maria, 1.6 million are without power, that is nearly half of the island, puerto rico
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governor, said that island is on brink of humanitarian crisis, and has called on trump administration to provide more help and resources. in new jersey many continue to worry with about their loved ones, there is outpouring of support at the community center, volunteers are collecting bottled water, canned goods and toiletry. the mayor, diaz, nearly broke down in tears when i asked about her mother and sister who live in northwest part of island. >> i was very fortunate my sister had an opportunity to contact my sister my cousin to tell us they are okay. but so many have not had the same opportunity to speak to their loved ones. reporter: diaz said, this is a resilient community. >> we're a giving community, we understand. we went through a tough time with superstorm sandy right here
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at home, we supported each other. reporter: if you would like to contribute to the drive here, volunteers will be here at community center, from 9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m., until saturday, mayor diaz said they are working with governor's office to figure out how to ship the goods. >> right now i am join by kenning ortiz, direct over of human services here. he has been overseeing this massive volunteer effort here. bill: thank you so much for the efforts that you and volunteers and others are putting forward to help the folks in need. let me ask, you this stuff that is coming in how are you getting it to puerto rico is there an arrangement? >> mayor office, diaz is working with the state, and work, o on e on the logistics of getting them shipped. they will be put on barges or planes, i believe that state of new jersey will take care of cost, getting them to puerto
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rico. bill: what is your role in this? a personal connection. >> i am of puerto rico decent my mother and father are from puerto rico, my wife is puerto rican. >> how are they doing. >> food and water is a priority, people are looking to donate, water and food, are number one priority right now. bill: all right. thank you so much kenning, god less you, you are doing great work, praying for the folks in puerto rico. bringing in our panel tonight, join by justin campaign strategy implement janet hoffman. and andre richardson. a campaign strategist. janet with you, a little bit of wrangling over politics and posturing over rescue effort. it looks like fema has its stuff together, have you thousands of volunteers. >> this is no doubt a
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humanitarian crisis. in puerto rico. people -- pim fema sending supps and food almost on an hourly basis. bill: are you embarrassed as a democrat with some of the political cost pureeing. -- cos posturing. >> i am embarrassed that president of united states has not gone to puerto rico. >> next week. >> after hurricane sandy, barack obama was there two days later, president trump was playing golf. >> you know what -- >> the president needs to do, tell congress, to lift the jones act to bring in foreign ships on deliver goods and services to puerto rico. bill: this seems that jones act is a easy i di -- distraction os
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with foreign ships, we have thousands of u.s. ships, where does this always evolve who politics. >> 10 times size of new orleans, instead of doing things that public relations things he is tweeting about the nfl in today's tweet he could not just say something nice. my grandfather said, only speak can you can prove our silence. >> all right we're going to leave it there. thanks guys. >> hurricane maria leaving a wake of devastation across the caribbean, not done with us yet. churning the sea off jersey and new york coast, brian donohue is at the shore. reporter: i hate to have been proven right, after friday, a woman was pulled from water, here and died, i sent out this tweet. about what i was afraid was
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going to happen over the weekend. like anyone who spent a lot of team in these waters, i was worried that combination of big swells and rip currents and hurricane harvey and hurricane maria offshore, warm weather would lure swimmers, and the lack of lifeguards could lead to tragedy, over week three people drowning here over th the week. in new jersey, scores of others pulled from waters, by water rescue teams, lifeguards police and good sa samaritans. >> under scoring need for more education and awareness on rip currents, the surfers have a unusual understanding of these, in a weird way, the rip currents are our friends, you notice that surfers paddle out alongside the jetties, because of the rip currents there. they are powerful and it is fruit less and pointless to
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fight gain it, they take you to calmer weather. it is the panic that really dooms swimmers. >> a ran into surfer former lifeguard evan, who gave us a quick display. >> i'm using the rip current, that will directly suck me out, once i am out, i will paddle parallel to the rip to get out of it. >> you can see him watch this suck him right out. there he goes. like an elevator to the 10th floor. >> swells from maria coming in 10-12 feet, thankful gray weather and on set of workweek have people heeding advice of those red flags. and down the beach, staying out of the water, brian donohue for "chasing news." bill: here is a look at headlines tonight. >> protester in washington, d.c., stage a die in, in
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response to repeal and replacement of affordable care act, today they scrapped bill after failing to get enough support from republicans. >> a man stuck in world trade center elevator, posted a video to twitter showed. water rushing into the elevator car this was stuck between two stories, the water triggered the alarm system, smoke filled car. >> fbi arrested several college basketball coaches and top marketing executive tuesday for bribery expil and illegal kickbacks, hundreds of thousands of dollars are believed to have gone to athlete and families to influence to go to schools. >> coming up hillary mania. like a rock star is in town, wait until you hear what she had to say about the president. >> that is dan zarrow has your
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weather. >> we have summerlike temperatures, i will talk about which day will be our change over day in your forecast, straight ahead ♪
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, we have a lot more show coming up, your weather and hurricane maria. all that coming up. but first, hillary clinton, she is back. and pushing forward. she was in new jersey on tuesday, promoting her new book. "what happened" diana blast will tell us. reporter: not just the book worms coming out to the store. >> we're with her. literally. reporter: they are here to see hillary clinton, who came for latest stop over her book tour, mem your digs to her loss of the 2016 presidential election. >> we feel she was robbed.
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reporter: book hit shelves on september 12, tickets to this book signing soldout long before. >> we soldout a thousand books in less than an hour, that is amazing. reporter: 300,000 copies of the book have sold, and just hard cover sales that is highest opening for any nonfixe nonfict5 years. >> i want to know what happened. like everyone has been walking around with that question for a long time now. reporter: clinton arrived at 6 p.m. but not before making headlines at other stops, monday she was xm radio, talked about president's handling of puerto rico. >> he has not said one word about them, but other american citizens in u.s. virgin island.
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>> reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you. >> i want to bring back our a-plus panel, all political strategist, justin with back with us. janette, and andre. andre, starting with you. hillary is back. i think it looks like someone who either a has not into the gotten over the fact she laughter oxi-- shelaughte lost. or is going to run again. >> would you support her. >> too early. bill: justin. you know, i hear sounds like democrats are making a lot of excuses for the fact they ran one of the worst campaigns. >> i think there is a big
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difference between reasons and excuses, party should do what it needs to do to make sure we know what went wrong. there is tactical reasons that we might have lost some states, but well no reason she it be out of the conversation. bill: i have not read the book, have you? >> no. bill: jan netted het. >> no. she is so politically tone deaf she said in "time" magazine, the reason she did not win vote of majority of white women, because when she was under investigation of james comey, the husbands said don't vote for her that is sexist. >> the second that president stops speaking about hillary clinton, and he stops tweeting
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about her. maybe she should go away. >> she is showing the divide of democratic party. bill: an redo you agree. >> nobody divides anyone more than the president united states, it is baffling that thinks that white women don't vote for her , what is more baffling they chose to vote for a open racist. >> hillary kept talking about herself, she made the campaign about herself, and donald trump made it about the economy. about making america great again, then proving the problem we have in the country. bill: is this typical talking points, everyone who does not agree must be a racist? >> no, this is not about that. but like let's look at history of things he has done with housing. housing gentrification in brooklyn and nfl, taking issue talking about civil rights, and making it radio. >radio.
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>> standing up for our flag. >> it's not about the flag. >> it about the flag, you are kneeling in front of the flag, you are making it about the flag. >> you are protesting civil injustice and racial inequality it has been happening for years, and protests about the american flag is not a new one by collin kaepernick. >> i don't think it is about the protest, i think it is the way they are protesting, disrespecting servicemen and women in the country. >> what is appropriate way to protest. >> john mccain said was not a war hero, everyone here in this -- >> bill: >> i disagree with nfl, and they are making this about the american flag, star spangled banner and men and women that fight for country. bill: live this, we started this about hillary, did hillary weigh in at all about this? >> she is onboard. >> shih weighe she waidz weighet is focuses on the nfl issues.
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bill: are you going to read the book? >> i will buy and read the book. bill: all right, i would rather not spend money on buying it but i do' to read it. >> all right, where is my bus? why is it not on time? a question that commuter ask, the port authority announced they will have new plans for a bus terminal, not in jersey, they decided that 3 plus billion dollar project, put it right where old one is. what do you think? andre? seems that you talk about a port authority bus terminal that cost excess of 3 billion dollars, i don't know how a new building would make a bus run on time. >> i think some of the switches and some of the infrastructure are ut dated, not necessarily a matter of where you put it. as long as there is some sort of cost saving measure in there.
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bill: this seems to be a waste of money, our general manager, has suggested that you put bus terminal in the meadowland, you and build a tunnel, connection the train. >> absolutely, that makes sense to me. but, i don't know what port authority is thinking they can't get their act together, they keep opposing different sides. then no, we need to do in in the javet and, then they no, that terrible. >> why not get rid of port authority? the whole idea of a bi-state agency. why not just federalize it and get these two governors and these administrations out of it, it is all patronage. >> bill, i am surprised you are asking to federalize going. i know your politics. port authority has been useful inur our history.
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bill: corrupt, look at bore ownyy -- they need to happen. as much as i like infrastructure improvement happen in new jersey, i think my main priority as son of a mother and father who took bus to new york every day is a one-seat trip. a one-seat trip is mostly most important thing. bill: one seat. helpful for folks in manhattan to eleaveiate the congestion. >> thank you. >> check in with meteorologist dan zarrow with your weather. >> looking at your local weather forecast. we continue to see really two big stories in weather department, maria, still churning up the atlantic ocean. the rough surf along coast. it will continue through tonight, and wednesday, and
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probably thursday as well. until maria moves far enough away that ma maria calms down. >> and second story, it still feels like summer, thursday is our transition day z cooler air arrives in. a different weather scene for weekend. and forecast for tonight, partly cloudy sky, maybe patchy fog. and lows to upper 60s. has been par for the course, one more day with widespread 80s in forecast for wednesday. it will be cooler on the coast. i see a mix of sun, clouds and i don't want to rule out a few rain drops, a shower or sprink the old coast as outer bans of maria lap up toward us, thursday, wind picks up without of the north west, causing to us get cooler, dryer, highs thursday mid to upper 70s, and friday lower certains low 70s, e
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weekend. i'm meteorologist dan zarrow. >> thank you, i'll see term morning. >> coming up. are you jogging with your kids in a stroller? massive recall is your stroller to the list? that is more on the recovery effort. and federal government response to help millions in puerto rico.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, here are more headlines we're chasing for you. >> delta enterprise recalling
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20,000 j -jogging strollers. the leg bracket is break, causing the child to fallout, there have been 4 reports of a leg bracket breaking, strollers sold at retailers from august 2015-august 2016. >> police on long island are looking for teenagers accused of attacking two boys in a burger king, on august 22. police are just releasing video of the attack. two 16-year-old boys were in the burger king, they were approached by 5 males, and 2 females who began beating them. >> equifax chairman ceo has resigned. in a statement equifax said that board remains concerned about and focused on cyber security incident. bill: hurricane maria was a
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catastrophic storm that wiped out puerto rico, as millions there are suffering and struggling. i want to say a couple things, i think that president trump and administration have done a outstanding job. remember this not about politics, this is about an overwhelming response when people are in peril. water is getting there, food is getting there medical supplies, generators, tarp. 4,000 members of national guard, for all political criticism, let's face it, you heard it earlier, president trump got criticized for going to haverty early, now for not going to puerto rico. reality circumstance w is, we dd politician on the ground, we need medicine, doctors, food and water. that is getting where is needs to go, keep the politics out
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much it, it about saving lives, and rebuilding a future in puerto rico. >> see you it were night, thanks for having us in our home tonight.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. breaking news out of philadelphia. someone shot four young people. a 16-year-old boy is now dead. three others are wounde wounded including an 11-year-old girl i'm lucy noland. this played out about two hours ago on the 100 block of east pastor ya street in east germantown which is where we find fox 29's dave schratwieser


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